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Bruno Vanackere PARIS, FRANCE

Actual Court Case Documents:

Bruno Vanackere

BUSTED stamp
Bruno Vanackere court case document page 1 Bruno Vanackere court case document page 2 Bruno Vanackere court case document page 3 Bruno Vanackere court case document page 4

Bruno Fined 70,000 Euros!

Bruno Vanackere court case document page 5

Second Scam Location Spotted:

233 Boulevard Pereire is the second Criminal Headquarters for Bruno Vanackere APS change money change fraude - 233 Boulevard Pereire is the second Criminal Headquarters for Bruno Vanackere
APS change money change fraude - The Mail Drop For Vanackere's Various Criminal Enterprises

The Mail Drop For Vanackere's Various Criminal Enterprises

30 Avenue de Friedland is the Criminal Headquarters for Bruno Vanackere

Chris Hansen Investigating Paris Money Laundering Kingpin and His Ties To Foreign Embassies!

Hansen is Hot on the Tail of Vanackere in this Jaw-Dropping Investigation to Expose The Money Secrets of Terrorists!

10 -Time Emmy winning investigative journalist Chris Hansen has his team laser focused on the recent activities of Bruno Vanackere and his associates. Bruno was hit with one of the largest fines ever handed out by France's famed Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Task Force! Bruno was public enemy number one and they nailed him - now eyes are on him again!

Stigwood letter Letters from U.S. based investigative team were sent via overnight mail to all 178 embassies in Paris, as Hansen is hot on the trail of the shadowy world of money washers helping fund terrorism by cleaning and distributing their blood money!
Mary-Ann Consengco Letter Vanackere and his wife Mary-Ann Consengco, made some changes to their shady company in an effort to hide the truth of the 70,000 EURO fine. They are believed to be plotting more changes from their home in Paris at 4 Villa Blaise Pascal, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine.
Bruno Mary Ann Vanackere Home Paris 4 Villa Blaise Pascal, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine is the home address from Bruno Vanackere and his wife and partner Mary-Ann Consengco.
Nicolas Vanackere LinkedIn profile Bruno Vanackere's brother, Nicolas Vanackere also operates a shady money exchange business that many say rips off consumers big time!
Bruno Vanackere APS Money Exchange Vanackere outside of the court room
terrorists Vanackere launders money for Terrorists - the worst of the worst
illegal drugs and drug money Vanackere washes drug money for dangerous fentanyl drug cartels!
guy credit card scamming in store Vanackere and his team of thieves get the credit card numbers of unsuspecting tourists and then drain their bank accounts!
large stacks of $100 bills Criminals love U.S. Dollars. Bruno Vanackere and his team of crooks continue to take cash from criminals and they also rip off tourists and threaten them when they complain.

1.1 Star Google Reviews Out Of 415 Reviews:



418 Reviews

Jamie Mcintosh

I was shocked at the price they charged me. It was a total rip off! I do not recommend anyone do business with this place. They cheated me out of my money and threatened me!


Greta Martin

Place sucks! Expensive! The rates are not what they advertise. Extra fees! The guy pretended he didn't understand me and charged me extra money. The rates were higher than they were at the airport. Terrible service.


Jean Lodges

Warning Warning Warning! I read this place is such a scam they got fined by the government over $100,000 for laundering money illegally. I believe it because they were shady with me. Crooked place I want to warn other tourists to stay away from - run - do not use this place.


Chris Cable

Scam! I saw they were fined 70,000 Euros for helping crooks wash money illegally - some have said it was to help a dangerous underground terrorist network operating in Europe. I would not do business with a place that the French government has fined for crooked activity!!! APS is All shit!

They Hired SEO Companies and Created Fake Review Websites To Hide Criminal Past:

Crooked Bruno uses the SEO company to help his crooked money exchange business. One has to wonder if, a respected company located in Paris with over 500 employees, is aware that they are helping a company who has such a terrible history of fraud and corruption? Crooked Bruno use the money he made illegally to promote his websites with the help of

linkeo scam

Vanackere Now Running Fake Review Website To Continue His Illegal Schemes:

As you would expect from a crooked businessman like Bruno Vanackere, aka Dirk Vanackere, he also cheats and deceives the public with his fake rating website. The website is a total fraud. This is not a real company. They list no address and intentionally hide their location, because their "reviews" are nothing more than paid ads - total scam. Vanackere's business would only be rated the #1 fraud in Paris if a real review were to be done. Vanackere pays money to have his business rated #1. This website is not a real review or a real rating from actual consumers. It is all fake. Crooked Bruno is rated #1 on this fake website because he PAID to be number one. Just another scam from Crooked Bruno.

5 best places to exchange money in paris APS change money change fraude - money changers at Arc De Triomphe money charges

Partner In New Scheme? Arnaud Bugat

A low level businessman is now caught up in the Vanackere Scheme. Associates say Bugat needs the money bad and is willing to associate with a known money launder like Vanackere. Read more about Arnaud Bugat here!

Arnaud Bugat LinkedIn profile Arnaud Bugat headshot
Arnaud Bugat in COVID mask Bugat joins Vanackere in cover up!
kids school There is a kids school right around the corner from his building and it’s no accident he moved in less the 500 meters from a children’s school and that parents are to be on HIGH ALERT if they see the “never married” loner Bugat who is age 54 lurking around the school with pockets full of candy and lollipops, as he is known to do. Parents should immediately call the police.
Arnaud Bugat motocycle This is Bugat's motorcycle. This will you help you identify him easier if you see him around schools.
Bruno Vanackere scam artist Maison Bugat's apartment is on the 5th floor of 27 Bis Rue Saint Ferdinand 75017 Paris. Surveillance monitors concerned about the Bugat’s odd ways have been put in place.

Residents of the apartment buildings in Arnaud Bugat’s complex are receiving a package of information on the unusual habits of Bugat and his ties to the money laundering.

Partner In Money Games! Alain Manteau

Crooked Bruno is now also doing tricks with other people's money with an employee of the Syndic Oralia Henrat & Garin named Alain Manteau. Shockingly, not only is Manteau teaming up Bugat and Vanackere, but Manteau has been charged with serious and disturbing claims of racism.

This latest charge of racism and anti-semitism is now being investigated as a crime by the Paris police investigators. Henrat & Garin has horrible reviews filed against them on Google. These reviews cite their dishonesty, rudeness and crooked ways. They have a terrible reputation according to the Google reviews and with others. Now, with the Alain Manteau scandal, the company has come under fire for the shocking sneaky and dishonest ways Manteau handles money and the sickening charges of pure anti-semitism which is now making international news.

Everywhere you turn in seems that Crooked Bruno Vanackere is involved with dishonest dealings. Oralia is a collection of 34 agencies in France. No doubt the management at Oralia is disgusted by the charges of anti-semitism and racism facing Alain Manteau and the Paris bureau of the Oralia agency HENRAT & GARIN.

HENRAT & GARIN president Francine Guennery has not yet commented publicly on the charges brought again Manteau and her agency.

Alain Manteau Facebook profile
Alain Manteau singing document Manteau operates from the Oralia Henrat & Garin offices in Paris. Manteau, Vanackere and Bugat have control of the money of group of people in Paris and investigator Chris Hansen is is now tracing the money flow under their control!
Oralia logo Oralia on Google Maps Oralia manager Francine Guennery